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Chris Cornell – The Keeper lyrics

I come from far away
My boots don't know this ground
But they know it's real
It doesn't take too long
For this road to become
A battle field

And before I let one more fire go out
Understand that I won't give one inch of ground
From beneath your's and my feet
Whatever the price happens to be

I may not be The Keeper of the flame
But I am The Keeper

Beauty and truth collide
Where love meets genocide
Where laughter meets fear
Confusion all around
As I try to feed these mouths
That have never known singing

And before I let one more tear hit the ground
I will be the one standing between you and the sound of the rounds
Echoing out, out of the dark
The smoke and the spark
Aimed at the heart of the flame

I am The Keeper

I cannot see the light
At the end of the tunnel tonight
My eyes are weary

And before I let one more life get erased
From the ashes I will rise
For you and the ghosts of the names
The faces and frames
The love and the pain
For you I'll remain, though I'm not worthy of
Being The Keeper of the flame

I am The Keeper
I am The Keeper

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    Sam childers is the keeper. He is an awesome example of a true christian. Someone who knows that life is about serving jesus christ. The burden god put into his heart for these kids is beautiful. He truly has lost his life to find it! I'm sure he'll be greatly rewarded when christ returns. He even fulfilled scripture that says some men will leave their families to serve the lord. God is good!
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    Its about the "machine gun preacher" that said movie was based off, the man who was himself a broken brawler who did alot of bad and hurt innocents and has now found himself the keeper of the flame on the candle that burns bright for those who were lost or are in need of saving, he knows he is not worthy to be the keeper, but he remains for the innocents and accepts this portion as a modern atlas holdin the weight of their respective worlds upon his shoulder to keep it from crushing them. Least that's my view on it all, that its a redemption tale, and that to be the keeper of someone else's flame you need not be perfect or without fault, but that you jus have to be there at the right moment and make the right choice.
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    The song is about the true story of the character in the movie, and his fight to feed and help the children of that country. 'before I let one more fire go out' means before I let another child die on my watch. The song makes me cry already. When I see the movie and hear the song at the end, I'm gonna lose it, I just know. Lol. And I'm a 42 yr. Old biker type too. We should all shed some tears at this movie. - Anthony.
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    About protecting the weak & preserving innocence' being selfless accepting an individual can't do everything, but still doin all he can anyway! Even being stubborn in goodness, never giving up, never giving ground! Always being prepared to protect & fight! //was a great song to wrapp up machine gun preacher! Sheep need protection from wolves, but it takes a wolf to get a wolf! God works in mysterious ways & I know I've had the privellige of finding peace with god, I'm an x junkie. Been to prison 3x. You wouldnt know that looking at me today! I've been cleaned, eyes are open & recieved peace through his forgiveness! If you can't forgive your self, just as I couldn't, he will forgive you, for he is above us in every way, just as he's more powerful than us, loves more than us he is also forgiving & even more merciful than us! He is there for us all, if we will only let him in! He is the keeper of the flame.
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    I think it may have to do with this war that we are in and he is trying to keep people alive buy not the keeper of war just of lives.
    Also might mean Keeper of Love. I think it could mean that he was gone for a while and he is trying to keep the fire of love alive but he isn't the owner of the flame. Just trying to keep the fire of love alive.
    Either way, its a great tune. I really love it tons! Beautiful.
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