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Chris Cagle – Just Love Me lyrics

I'll never be, anybody's hero,
Or the legend of a story,
Or a saint that's bound for glory no,
And I'll never know, what it's like to swim in money,
Or how it feels not to have to go to work on Monday,
Oh, I'm a simple man, and that's ok, but even a simple man,
Wants to feel this way,


Like the king of his castle, like the leader of the pack,
Like if a man that if you left him, you just have to have him back
Like a rock that you would lean on, when your world gets to rough,
Like the man that you would stand beside, when he's not so tough.
But even if that's not the man you see, then just love me.
Just love me,

I'll never write, a song that lasts forever,
Or a book for all the ages, but I'm not full of empty pages, no,
Cause I've got a soul, and I use it for yernin'
With a heart that skips a beat for you and a fire that keeps on burnin'
I'm a simple man, and that's ok, but even a simple man wants to feel this way,


Oh, I'm a simple man and that's ok, but even a simple man wants to be swept away.


Just love me, just love me, just love me, oh girl yeah love me,
That's all I want from you, girl I got to you, oh just love me, yeah
Just love me, just love me, oooh, woah, just love me.

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