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Chris Brown – Run It! lyrics

[Juelz Santana]
Check it, Check it, Check it out
It's Santana again
Steppin, Steppin, Steppin out
One of them Brand new big boy toys
I do big boy things
I make big boy noise 'cause...
I know what girls want...
I know what they like
They wanna stay up, and party all night
So bring a friend

[Chris Brown]
Let me talk to you
Tell you how it is
I was thinkin when I saw that body gotta get shawty
Tell her what the young boy gon do
Damn them chicks wit chu gotta be okay
Babe pretty thick wit the kick that's sick that need to be hit
So tell me what y'all gon do

I got friends, and you got friends
They hop out, and you hop in
I look fly, and they jockin
The way you drop, drop makes me hot [2x]

Is ya man on the flo?
If he ain't...
Let me know
Let me see if you can run it, run it
Girl indeed I can run it, run it [2x]

[Verse 2:]
You'll see
Girl I can set you off
Don't believe my age is gonna slow us down
I can definitely show you things that will have you sayin I can't be 16
Once I get in you won't wanna go
(And I...)
I'll have yo girls wishin they were you
(And I...)
I know your heard about me, but guess what's goin down if we leave

[Hook 2x]

[Chorus 2x]

Girl you feel right
(Feel right)
Make me feel like...
(Feel like...)
I wanna do a little somethin
(Do a little somethin)
Ain't no thing let you do it for sho
Girl the way that your wearin them jeans is turnin me on
I'm the hottest thing that's in these streets so baby won't you rock me...

Make it drop honey...
Make it pop honey...
Whip, whop...
Tick, tock to da clock for me
Don't stop doin that
And shawty know I mean what I say so she won't stop doin dat
Plus I heard if you can dance you can bump
Well dance is up let's go, let's go (yup)
We can get it in...
We can gets some friends
Do it like the ying yang twins start whisperin
Wait til' you see my...
Wait til' you see my...
Let me fall back
You ain't ready for all dat
Have you sleep late
Real late
Yeah takin a long nap
You can tell yo friends
To get wit my friends
We can be friends
Switch and meet friends (switch)
We can do it all night long, and...
Til' da clock hit mornin ya dig

[Chorus 2x]

Oooh, oooh, oooh, ooh

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  • m
    This song is a meaning I have inside ny heart no one could eva stil it away because I'm nine years old an I love C. B my fourth grade friends as mi who yo crush and I say girl if I tell you I want you 2 tell evry1 you see 2day O. K and I'm white a lot of my white friends are raises they dumb 4 life because my home boy C. B is best. No 1 can take away this feeling 4OM me you heard no1! Ooh I almost 4got I'm nine and I know but let me tell you off allthat2008, why da hek do you hav nick jonas huh.
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