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Chris Brown – Just Fine lyrics

Heyy... Huh... Hmmmm... Heyy... (breathe: shh... Huh) oh nah... Hold on

We did everythang we could do
To try to make it work (we did, we did babe)
Baby, you look so confused, cause it feels like, there was no way we could lose (no way, no way hey)
Baby, I just don't know why I can't find the things you need in me (I can't, I can't girl)
Baby, they know just know what to say, they tryna break us away from one another, but maybe their right for a change

I think, (God will give you) Someone,
(Much better) Than me, (Trust me)
Your eyes will be O. K. (It will be) Alright.
(You'll be) Just fine (just fine, just fine)
(I know that baby...)

We would disagree constantly, on the basic things (we did, we did babe)
You thought that there was someone else, all along... (echo) (no way, no way hey)
Baby I want to decide to stay right, by your side (I can, I can girl)
Baby, they know just what to say,
They wanna keep us away from one another woah, woah
But Maybe they're right for a change

I think, (God will give you) Someone,
(Much better) Than me, (Trust me)
Your eyes will be O. K. (O. K.), alright (alright), just fine (just fine)
(I know... Baby)

Baby, baby can't you see that (oh no) another fella just may be (oohh) the kinda man that you need
You deserve it and I know that
I know another love has come your way, just listen to me when I say (ohh)
You'll find him (you'll find him) be patient (oh woahoh) loves coming.

I think, (God will give you) Someone,
(So much better) Than me, (Trust me)
Your eyes will be O. K., (it will be) alright, (it will be) just fine (oh no just fine)

(Cause I know that baby)
I think, (God will give you) Someone (Someone better),
Than me, (Trust me girl),
(no more pain) O. K.,
(no more pain) Alright,
(It will be)just fine (oh oh ohh)

Hey, (hey), hey, (hey hey), hey, (hey)
(You wanna know why I'm so sure)... (sure... Sure)

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