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Chris Brown – Ghetto Tales (I Know You Wanna See) lyrics

I know you wanna see me
Know you wanna see me
Girl, girl, girl come and see me
I know you wanna see me (Wanna see me)

[Verse 1]
Hol' up this ain't gotta be complicated (Hol' up)
Girl put your feelings to the side (Hol' up)
All you gotta do is be straight up (Hol' up)
Don't let a minute pass by

Fuck a text message, call me
I'll be right there to listen
I know this is different, trust me
Cause I'm one call away

[Hook x2]
I know you wanna see me (One call)
Know you wanna see me (One call, one call, one call)
Girl, girl, girl come and see me (One call)
I know you wanna see me (Wanna see me, one call, one call, one call, wanna see me)

[Verse 2]
This ain't gotta be no conversation
Girl put your panties to the side
Why you wanna keep a nigga waiting?
When I can see it in your eyes


[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I know she wanna see me, oh Lord
Fuck her too but now her nigga wanna be me, hol' up
I'm in the Lamborghini smokin' on Luigi, oh Lord
And then I clean that pussy up, I'm like a squidgy, better believe me bitch
Smokin' a zip and I pour up a four
Poppin' the molly she ready to go
She wanna know can another freak come and another freak come
I got too many hoes
All in my ear when she's speakin' that Spanish
Beatin' that pussy up, where's my manners?
Fuckin' with bitches like her, it ain't easy
Call on my phone, I know what she need

[Hook x2]

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