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Chipmunks – Alvin's Orchestra lyrics

Well, hi, Simon (hi)
Theodore (hi)
Alvin, I see you got here early
And you're rehearsing the band
That's very good

You know I would...
What's that great, big expensive
Orchestra waiting for over there
Oh, boy, I'm sure glad they
Don't belong to... Alvin, Alvin
Say something, Alvin

(Everybody ready
Violins, saxaphones, trumpets)
You mean you hired all those musicians
(You bet I did)
You know how much a
Fifty piece orchestra costs
(Ready, boys)
Wait a minute, you don't need a
Fifty piece orchestra to play for

(Oh, how we love to go for a ride
And see the country far and wide
Look at the snow and the frost)

Will you wait

(We roll the windows up and down
And toot the horn in every town
Who cares what the orchestra costs)

I'll tell you who

(We're happy while we're rolling along
We're singing every goofy song
Boy, what a joy, what fun
Children waving you a big hello
Why, you've got friends
You didn't even know)

(How we love to go for a ride
And see the country far and wide
It's great when you're on the go
Let's go)

Alvin, put that baton down
And listen to me
You just cannot go around...
Listen, fifty musicians costs over
Let me see, two thousand times fifty
Do you realize... Alvin
Stop leading that expensive
Orchestra and come over here

(Children waving you a big hello
And he's still worrying about the dough
How we love to go for a ride
And see the country far and wide
It's great when you're on the go

Alvin, will you cut it out
What do you think we're
Gonna pay this orchestra with
Chestnuts... now listen to...

(Slow down, buddy
I absolutely cannot understand
A single word you're saying)

You can't understand a word I'm saying
You can't understand a word I'm saying
Simon, Theodore, will you cut out that
Wah wah wah and listen to me
Orchestra, will you please go home

(La la la la...)

Alvin, stop leading that orchestra
Alvin, Alviiiiin

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