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Chief Keef – Fck Rehab lyrics

Fuck Rehab
Oh no no no no no no

Bitch I be smoking dope what you mean?
Niggas be like "Don't try Almighty Sosa, he got them things"
Them bitches go ping-ping
30 in this in this ning ding
Fuck rehab
Rehab make me laugh
Bitch I'd rather but up in jail
Getting a lot of mail
Like "Almighty Sosa, that's you?"
Smoking on dope with your crew
You don't know me? What the fuck you talking bout?
Nigga, all I remember is selling dope out grandma house
Let me get them hitters, I'm coming out the cut, getting loud out
And that ain't even registered, they come and clean the shit up like pronto
I could be on the block running round shooting shit up like Rambo
But the judge gonna lock me up for smoking a little dope

Fuck Rehab
Oh no no no no no

Watch you while you sleep
Bitch imma Glo as you gone
Somebody cut out a sum
Blow that four nickle with...
You might have no more arms
22k for my charm
Fuck is you doing? I'm money pursuing
I'm probably some chemist or doc
Too many oppers I'm numb
Too many oppers I'm numb
See the Glo Gang and they run
See the Glo Gang and they run
I'm bout to go buy me some guns, when they releasing my funds
Run up on every M. O. B. That I see, leave them with half of a lung
My migo just sent me a ton
I paid them my arm for one
You turning we talking with guns
You owe me I come for your sons
Sosa boy, we might just go shoot up a club
That shit ain't gon cost but a dub
My lawyer gon give me some plug

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