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Chief Keef – Ain't Nothing lyrics

That ain't nothin'
That ain't nothin'
Been getting money
Best friend money boy that ain't nothin'

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Still killing on my set get y

That's the way, show no stress
f*ck that Louis sh*t, Ion do that sh*t
Pistol knock your ass out if you on that f*ck sh*t
In my lap bunch of bullsh*t I can do it
On my wrist I'm a
For ya head now your dead
Where ya bread n*gga
In the field, where ya lead n*gga
Your just dead n*gga
In my hand, its some bread n*gga
I throw bread n*gga
Where I live in the str*p club
I'm a man n*gga
Shawty know I get doe
I can f*ck all these hoes
We gone come through and stop the show
Now you know where my f*ckin' bread and I lock the door
I just knocked and I f*cked her bruh They like where he go g*ng g*ng


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I wake up finna shoot the f*ck up then bitch I
Now he finna shoot
The muthaf*ckin' pistols getting loose

Still toting on my set

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