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Chico Debarge – When Can I See You Again lyrics

Last night it all started out with a kiss
Shook by the taste of your lips
Took me in your arms and held me tight
So wrong but it felt so right
I don't wanna see tomorrow without you
I'll do whatever you want for me to do
I'm outside the door let me in
Girl, when can I see you again

1 - [Chico & Brian]
When can I see you again
I can't get enough
Girl, you know you really need to tell me
When can I see you again
Can you tell me

When can I see you again
I'll take what I can get
Girl, you know you really need to tell me
When can I see you again
Can you tell me

There's no good in goodbye
How am I supposed to make it through the night
Think about the way your ass brings tears to my eyes
Dreamin' about the way it could be
Me for you, you for me
How I wish that you could be mine
Not just for a moment, for all time
'cause if you're by my side I can win
Tell me when can I see you again

Repeat 1

Talk to me I don't believe I'm asking for too much
More and more I'm feinin' for the feeling of your touch again

When can I see you babe, baby
(When can I see you)
Can I see you baby
(When can I see you baby)

Repeat background while:
Hmmm, I've been looking for you baby
But I can't seem to find you baby
I'm searchin' through the shadows of the night
Searching for you
See, I thought maybe, thought maybe that
The vibe we was feeling can bring us back together again baby
Mmm, are you looking for me baby
Can't seem to find each other, can we baby
I know baby
Don't worry
Once I get to you
I'm not goin' nowhere baby
Hear me mama?
Do you feel me baby?
Hmmm, yes
You know I'm looking for you, don't you baby
That's right mama

Repeat 1 until fade

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