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Chevy Woods – Make Ya Scream lyrics

I feel nasty, nasty
I feel nasty

I said I be so fresh it make ya scream (x4)

I be so fresh it make ya scream
I said I be so fresh it make ya scream (x7)

I got 10 stacks of 50’s in my jeans
If you try me, get a call that chopper in
But she like me ‘cus I’m fresh up on the screen
Bugs Bunny, all these carrots in my ring
(Let’s go!)
Valet when we pull up to the scene
I’m with my nigga Trinidad, bitch we clean
You don’t know me or the name of these jeans
Have you asking what’s that like, that’s a band
White shirt, white shoes, white pants
Ysl lookin like a snowman
Hop out in that foreign still runnin
I got this outfit from the profit of them onions
All these bottles for the team, we don’t flex
I’m just chilling, all this ice on my neck
In vip, bitch I’m throwing up my set
Spend what I want cuz I’mma get another check

I be so fresh it make ya scream
I said I be so fresh it make ya scream (x7)

Lord have mercy on they souls ‘cause they do not know
The price of balance and the wayne, they think it’s from the mo
An open ceremony, with hella bands up on me
I’m screaming at the manager (cuz ktc don’t fit me)
Spend 5 bands up in Riffin, 5 mo up in Venice
Gave my little sister 5 for her graduation
Gave my mama 5, nigga didn’t have a reason
I’m living life nigga, ain’t no fuckin regrets
When I whip them Taylors, all we smoke is loud
Smokin on that killa with the nigga, call it Bobby Brown
If yo bitch lay up with me, nigga better get her down
If I didn’t have er then, nigga I bet I got her now
My whole crib is now a closet, wear from G shots to gold watches
Went from having no food to calamari options
Real niggas, hope you watching
Real bitches, hope you watching
Taylor Gang, that nigga James
Nigga we poppin, yea!

I be so fresh it make ya scream
I said I be so fresh it make ya scream (x7)

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