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Chelsea Grin – Oblivion lyrics

I rest alone in a place I never thought I would be
I have given everything I am
Why must I feel empty? Will I ever feel again?
I have given everything I am
All must live with vivid nightmares of life after death
Plagued with images of a figure
Never know the face
How can I bare this?
Why must we bare this need to fulfill our nothingness they call serenity?
I want to break out of this place to embrace this hate I shatter every
Mirror but yet you reappear
With a crooked a crooked smile and weathered face
The doors have been sealed shut
To keep the secrets that lie within
To deaths dark hollows I must fall to live in grace
Only when my heart stops I will truly live again
Shatter every mirror but yet you reappear
With a crooked a crooked smile and weathered face

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    It's awesome. That's all. Appearently my message was too short and I had to continue so now, here I am. Rambling. Well, to all of you internet dwellers, I am seeing this song in concert this summer at the warped tour because I am not lame. Actually, I am. But, that's cool. Right? My friend liz is sitting next me. She just slapped me. No, I am not an internet troll; I am a real person. I'm sitting in my school's computer lab. I's done here. Good-bye internet dwellers.
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    The whole album is a concept meaning of a man falling through the afterlife, who's very successful and had fulfillment but lost it through blindness and un-caring about whether his life actually meant anything. Alex kheoler suffers from anxiety, stating 'why must I feel empty? Will I ever feel again? '. Suffering from anxiety myself it essentially is what every sufferer means to say when they mention such a condition; that you are literally a feeding ground of horrific thoughts that you'll never live, you feel already dead. It's a very dark song with a little more reference than just a girl that left him, he's saying that his own being left him a long time ago and that fracture that he is was left behind to suffer the consequences of un-thorough living. Thanks.
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