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Charly Mcclain – When It's Down To Me And You lyrics

(with Wayne Massey)
(Stephen Davis/Dennis Morgan)

C: If it was up to the boss, I think he'd work you to death
W: We got bills to pay & we're up to our necks in debt
C: I went to pick up the truck, the radiator still leaks
W: Sometimes it feels like we're stuck with no paddle up a creek

Chorus (Both):
Baby when it's down to me & you
We leave our worries at the door
We got more important things to do
Baby when it's down to me & you
We just make up for life's little problems
By makin' love the whole night through

C: Well the price of groceries goes up every day
W: Seems like our hard-earned money just up & flies away
C: Sometimes it feels like we're backed in a corner up against the wall
W: But puttin' up with the hassles isn't really a hassle at all, 'cause...


C: We'll lock the world outside
W: Oh we've made up our minds
Both: Love is all that matters tonight

(repeat chorus & fade)

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