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Chamillionaire – Honey lyrics

I tell her that my shirt made out of mistletoe
You already know that she gon come and kiss below
She said she like it better when it's physical
Hit it and quit it but I swear I never hit ya no
I told basically it's just my principals
I'll be the student baby you can be the principal
Can't pay attention in detention what's a figure four
She like to wrestle just to get ya fallin to the floor

Baby stop playing cause I still got on my necklace
And she never stop playing but I really must confess it's
Ok and I'm saying that she coming out her dress is
The p-90 x man make you work and do some stretches
Man baby can't be lazy gota do it like ya mean it
Mirrors everywhere she probly think that I'm conceited
It's like I'm michael jackson she ain't bad I tell her beat it
If she is I'm a feed it till the mission is completed

[Erykah Badu:]
All I gotta do is add a lil lemmon
You my favorite drank
Ya make me thank
Honey you so sweet

So tell me Slim, what it's gonna be
It don't be like this usually
When it come to that, "what it do... "
I don't fall for that "woop-tee-woo" (bull)
Ooh boy can you tell me please

Wanna know if ya feelin' me
Ooh Slim boy ya killin' me,
But you soo sweet ta me

Honey you so sweet
Sugar got a long way to catch you
You so sweet
All I gotta do is add a lil lemmon
You my favorite drank
Ya make me thank
Honey you so sweet

You got that honey
You runnin' from me
You really turn me on
You got that honey
Stop acting funny
You really turn me on

So tell me Slim, what you tryin to do
I'm trynna get me an interview
Look for you all over town
But you gave me the run around
Fly free baby fine with me
I need to know if you're feelin' me
Can you stick your pinky finger in my tea
Cause you soo sweet ta me


[Bridge x2]

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