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Cephalic Carnage – Extreme Of Paranoia lyrics

Cannot get a grip.
Living in a distant unconcerned cycle of shit.
The rats are closing in, while the flesh crumbles just beneath the skin,
Without trust, fear consumes the mind, without trust,
Fear consumes the mind, how can I trust you,
When you can't even trust yourself,
You get all high and think everybody is talking shit,
You grab a gun or a knife and all you want to do is kill,
A genius of manipulation and extremely paranoid,
Writhing in all its sickness.
Weak and feeble minded, a substance turns into a way of life,
You choose to run from your demons and hide,
You will not go without and nothing will suffice,
You're lying to yourself I can see it in your eyes,
Secluded out of touch by avoiding mankind,
You've done this to yourself, you've sacrificed your mind.
Bleeding for another day.
Scratch the flesh away, hanging by a thread that's unraveling at both ends,
Search for metal bliss that's leading to the emptiness.
God of sorted nothing, release my pain slowly,
I ask no more questions you give worthless answers,
Pale and bleeding dying lifeless, will for give me for my weakness.
Found dead lying on the floor immersed in vomit,
Eyes glaze over a powder white enigma liquefied in a feeding utensil,
Hatred surged to the extreme of paranoia and I can't kill no more,
Feel no more you will learn to trust fear,
Genus of manipulation extremely paranoid,
Writhe in all your sickness.
All the lives you've destroyed!

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