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Celtic Woman – The Death Of Queen Jane lyrics

Queen Jane lay in labor full nine days or more
'Til her women were so tired, they could no longer there
They could no longer there

"Good women, good women, good women as ye be
Will you open my right side and find my baby
And find my baby? "

"Oh no," cried the women, "That's a thing never can be
We will send for King Henry and hear what he may say
And hear what he may say"

King Henry was sent for, King Henry did come
Saying, "What do ail you, my lady? Your eyes, they look so dim
Your eyes, they look so dim"

"King Henry, King Henry, will you do one thing for me?
That's to open my right side and find my baby
And find my baby"

"Oh no," cried King Henry, "That's a thing I'll never do
If I lose the flower of England, I shall lose the branch too
I shall lose the branch too"

There was fiddling, aye, and dancing on the day the babe was born
But poor Queen Jane beloved lay cold as the stone
Lay cold as the stone

Adieu, adieu, my heart is lost
Adieu, my joy and my solace
With double sorrow, complain I must
Until I die, alas, alas
Until I die, alas, alas

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    Jane Seymour was Henry viii's third wife, and the mother of his only legitimate son, who became King Edward vi after his father's death in 1547.
    Queen Jane started a very painful labor which lasted 3 days and 3 nights, not 9 days as in the song. She begged her nurses to "open my side and find my child" as in a caesarian section, but Henry would not give permission, as it was a dangerous procedure for mother and child in those days. There was a rumor that he eventually allowed the C-section because she was in extreme pain. Edward was born on October 12th 1537 to much rejoicing. But 9 days later his mother Queen Jane died of puerperal fever, which was quite common and probably due to an infection during her long labor.
    Because she gave him a son, and caused him no trouble, Henry viii called her "my most beloved Queen" and was buried beside her.
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