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Celtic Woman – Si Do Mhaimeo I lyrics

'Sн do mhaimeo н, 'sн do mhaimeo н
'Sн do mhaimeo н cailleach an airgid
'Sн do mhaimeo н у Bhail' Iorrais Mhуir н
'S chuir-feadh sн cуistн 'r bhуithre Chois Fharraige

'bhFeicfeбsa 'n "steam" 'ga'l siar Tуin Uн Loing'
'S na rothaн gh'l timpeall siar уna ceathrъnaн
Caithfeadh sн'nstiъir naoi n-uair'ar a cъl
'S nн choinneodh sн siъl le cailleach an airgid


'Measann tъ 'bpуsfa, 'measann tъ 'bpуsfa
'Measann tъ 'bpуsfa cailleach an airgid?
Tб 's a'm nach 'bpуsfa, tб 's a'm nach 'bpуsfa
Mar tб sй rу-уg 'gus dуlfadh sй'n t-airgead


'S gairid go 'bpуsfa, 's gairid go 'bpуsfa
'S gairid go 'bpуsfa beirt ar an mbaile seo
'S gairid go 'bpуsfa, 's gairid go 'bpуsfa
Sйan Shйamais Mhуir agus Mбire Nн Chathasaigh

[Chorus twice]

She's your granny, she's your granny
She's your granny, the hag with the money
She's your granny from the town of Iorrais Mуr
And she would put coaches on the roads of Cois Farraige

If you'd see the steam boat going past Tуin Uн Loing'
And the wheels turning speedily at her flanks
She'd scatter the store nine times to the rear
But she never keeps pace with the hag with the money


Do you reckon he'd marry, do you reckon he'd marry
Do you reckon he'd marry the hag with the money?
I know he'll not marry, I know he'll not marry
Because he's too young and he'll drink the money


We'll soon have a wedding, we'll soon have a wedding
We'll soon have a wedding by two in the village
We'll soon have a wedding, we'll soon have a wedding
Between Sйan Sйamais Mуr and Mбire Nн Chathasaigh

[Chorus twice]

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