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Casting Crowns – Just Another Birthday lyrics

Sixteen finds me
Blowing out candles and making wishes
And all around me
Is everyone but the one I'm wishing for
And he sent me flowers
And gift-wrapped excuses
From a daddy whose daughter
Wants to see him again

And I know, I know
It's just another birthday
But I guess I thought
This would be the one
When he would call me, see me
Hold me and free me
But it's just another birthday

And I'll be fine
I'll be fine

Nineteen finds me
And I'm wild-eyed and wide open
I gave myself away to love
But backseat promises fade like a mist
I'm screaming at the midnight air
Everyone hears me but I don't care
My heart's clenched just like a fist
'Cause, people, I didn't ask for any of this

And I'm not fine
I'm not fine

In the company of strangers
In a cold and sterile room
All alone with a child inside me
And I don't know what to do
Jesus, can You hear me
Come and heal my brokenness
Put the pieces back together
And be a Father to the fatherless

Twenty-one finds me
Blowing out candles and making wishes
And all around me
My barefoot princess twirls and sings
It's so amazing
Looking back at all God's brought us through
You are my happy birthday
And you were born to break the chains

Now I know, I know
It's not just another birthday
'Cause I'm here, she's here
And look how far we've come
Since you've called me, saw me
Held me and freed me
Thank you, Lord, for another birthday
And we'll be fine
We'll be fine

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    Maria Joy Beam
    This song makes me tear up every time I hear it! God loves you and he'll be your father when your earthly father isn't around. He is an amazing father who fills in even for the fathers who are doing their best! No one is perfect. Girls and boys with out a father, God can heal you from the emptiness and pain its causing. Fathers, God can give you the strength and ability to be the dad you need to be. Its never to late to become the father your child needs. There is hope! I'm here for anybody who needs me! I will be your friend and try to help you through things and give you the best advice I know to give! I love you and so does God! Text me at 817-380-3223 or add me on facebook or both! Would love to be a help!
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  • u
    This song speaks to me because I had a phsically abusive dad and my mom and step dad got custody when I was 9 of me. However I still talked to my real dad and saw him and what not. Just recently though he stopped talking to me. Nothing came for my birthday or christmas which was the first time in my life. On my biryhday this past year I remember thinking the card was just coming late. But then it never came. This song helped me remeber that even though the one thing I really wanted and needed on my birthday did not happen that I have a heavenly father who loks out for me and still loves me. I just want to encourage any of you who read my story to let your daddy (god) embrace you whether or not you have a good dad. Ultimately humans are not perfect and that's why it feels goofd to have aperfect heavenly father.
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  • u
    I am very humbled by what many of you have written, even though many of you did not have that worldly father in your lives I'm extactic to see that you all have taken the upper hand to what you have been delt in life, because my biggest pet peeve is when a person try to blame their situation on another person instead of trying to fix it! God will never leave you, and everyone of you who have accepted him as your lord and savior will never regret it! But a word to all fathers out there. If you were "old" enough and "mature" to get a girl pregnant then you are old enough to stand up and take responsibility of your child and his or her mother! You are old enough to get a job, pay bills, and take care of your new family! Grow up and take responsibility for your actions! You are now an adult. Act like one! If you leave that child he or she will never be the same, because they will not get the love and affection that they deserve. You must remember that it is not their fault that you decided to make that choice and take the chance of having a child, especially if you did not want one!
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  • u
    Its helping people who is fatherless. Another birthday without my dad since 2008 was hard on me and now I'm 12. I cry all the time but I know that jesus will be my dad from now on. But I still just want someone to hug me and tell me I'm awesome and someone to ride on they're shoulders. But god still has a plan for me. I know it. -alex ng.
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    My mother, my two siblings, and I left my father in mexico when I was 2, my brother was 3, and my sister was 6 months old, my father was physically abusive to my mother. He called once when I was 13 and promised to come and see me but I just turned 18 7 days ago and not one call or visit. Also my mother got together with another man when I was 6 who raised me but this past summer he kicked me out for trying to be honest and responsible, my mother never stood up for me, but now I live with my 2nd grade teacher who has custody of me, who god made a big part of my life because she was the one who invited me to church, at that time I was the only child that attended and now about 40-50 attend every wednesday. God is my true father. And even though I've never had an earthly "father". I've always and always will have a heavenly father!. It will always be a great birthday because god is blessing me with another year of life to be a witness of what he's done in my life! I love you god and thank you for being the best daddy in the entire universe! :)
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