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Case – Where Did Our Love Go lyrics

Where did our love go, baby?
Tell me, where did our love go wrong?
Tell me, where did our love go?

Girl you are frontin' on my lovin'
When I stop sexin' you, you stop buggin'
Baby, nothing much to lose, much more to gain
So sorry that this love had to end
You keep telling me

[Chorus (Variations)]
Tell me where did my love go wrong?
Tell me where did our love go?
Tell me where did our love go wrong?
Tell me where did our love go?

I'm still the man, girl, and I know now
Sure that I had to say 'Bye bye lover'
But I ask questions while you're thinkin'
Hopin' and prayin' that I'll hit it again

So tell me why did you have to end it this way?
Why did it have to end this way?
Never thought it'd rain all that hard
Everyday, rainy day
But now I have to hold my own
I'm gon' stay strong, baby
'cause I never know what went wrong
You keep telling me

[Chorus to end]

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