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Carrie Newcomer – A Simple Change Of Heart lyrics

There has never been a day
When the world wasn't new,
When the sun didn't rise,
Or the light breaks on through.
Things might get a little worse,
Before they get a little better.
But there are always clearer skies,
Stretching out beyond bad weather and
The world holds it's breath
To see where we'll incline this time.

Ah la la la, ah la la la, ah la la la

I feel something has shifted,
I know the story's changed.
In the window of a crisis,
We can build a better frame.
Come on and look inside you
That's the best place to start.
The greatest revolution
Is a simple change of heart.
I can't put the sacred in such a little box
Because it's not.

Ah la la la, ah la la la, ah la la la

There's no shame in learning something
When there's something that must be learned.
But there's danger when we will not see.
What our actions earn.
Courage doesn't always shout
But whispers and reminds,
When we get up one more morning
And try one more time.
We tried yelling at each other,
It hasn't worked so well.
Throwing gas on fire,
Never helped as far as I can tell
Throwing stones cut deep,
A little kindness goes deeper still.

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