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Cappadonna – Struggle With This (Feat. King Jus) lyrics
F/ King Just

[Intro: Cappadonna]
(... It's like I'm back in the guts, the worlds
The streets, the projects, it's always a struggle
No matter what you do)
Struggle with this, come on ya'll, struggle with this
Struggle with this, come on ya'll, struggle with this
Struggle with this, come on ya'll, struggle with this

All ya'll fake ass niggaz, what you know about this?
Album after album, like I don't give a shit
And you still writin', you ain't flippin' no bricks
And you got a big mouth, but you ain't go no hits
You just a squirrel in the path, about to get ran over
Your talk game is good, but where your Land Rover?
You never had a whip, you never had no chips
You was lookin' for Don', while I was takin' long trips
Came back to Park Hill and I flexed my kits
Smoke greens with ya'll niggaz, come on, get a grip
Stop frontin' like you can't see.. (what?)
Deep down inside you wanna be like me
And get a little more fame and a little more pussy
But you so jealous of me, plus you kick dirt
That's the reason why ya'll niggaz can't work..
Yo, yo, come on, ya'll, struggle with this.

[Chorus: Cappadonna]
We up early in the morning, and all night
We keep the armor of Allah on, ready to fight
Come on, ya'll, struggle with this, keep it tight
Because I, am, thee, un-, ordinary life!

[Interlude: Cappadonna (King Just)]
Yeah, come on ya'll, struggle with this
Come on ya'll, struggle with this
Come on ya'll, struggle with this
(Aiyo, Cap, one of those round math')

[King Just]
I'm rarely seen, cuz I'm out, chasin' my dreams
Microphone fiend, way before I was a teen
Mitch Green niggaz all get punched in they eye
Challengin' the champ, like I won't take their pride
Or kick they hide, from here to the Westside
Tell you rest in the flesh, even the best done tried
Comply, or you'll be assassinated
I'm dated and faded, download it and save it
I made it, easier for the media
So you could understand me, without the slang Enclyopedia
Stay weeded up, like the kettel gettin' headed up
Talkin' bout the kid, but I already beat it up
In the cut, like peroxide, or iodine
Optimus shine, here to decline your slot time
Rock rhymes on point like a porcupine
And if my ass get left back, I'mma catch up/Ketchup like Heines
And define definition of an M. C
Tempt me, I ain't got a lot to give, I got plenty
Since you went from 103 to 104
Them dumb ass broads talkin' 'bout them more and more
From shore to shore, I laid down my law
And walk my Adidas on Colleseum floors
Score like Fugee, Rhyme & Reason first movie
I ain't gon' rest til I see Flex black a tooly
One bad mooly, who lost his cool-io
With this Julie ho, gettin' brains in the studio
Figadoh! Return of the phantom of the opera
Pop a collar, pop it for Mr. Popular
I could see through binoculars that you've been watchin' us
Your best bet is to get your money set and start coppin' us
Before the deeds knock us, and push petal charges
And fall off the face of the earth like slaughtered Sergeant

[Interlude: King Just (Cappadonna)
Come on ya'll, struggle with this (yeah, do it, right)
Come on ya'll, struggle with this (Staten Island, stand up)
K. J. All day, Donnamite (get fucked up)
Come on ya'll, struggle with this


[Interlude: Cappadonna]
Yeah, Hollyhood, come on, ya'll struggle with this

I've been strugglin' a few years, now I'm back
All ya'll stupid muthafuckas best to learn how to act
I ain't here to rap with you or here to clap with you
Cappadon', I'm just back on the map with you
Plus I'm gettin' it hot, ya'll hatin' ass niggaz not gettin' a lot
Scheming like a fiend and when the joint in the block
Know you can't get down, nigga, what you got?
Big Don' beyond plot, stay low in the block
With the glock, told them niggaz in Crimestock
Hold ya head, it's gonna pop
Keep comin' home, we gonna rise to the top
Like one in the dome, nigga, we refuse to stop
Don't get it twisted, the Bees gon' drop
But the heat's still rising and ya'll gonna get it
It's me, Big Cappadon' with the fitted
And my goretex shit with the fubu knitted
And I'm coming back for all ya'll niggaz that shitted
Kid back off, my thoughts make you wanna clap off
Run from Don, I tear the wax off
Osama Island, nigga we been wildin'
Struggle with this, come on ya'll, fuck talent!

[Outro: Cappadonna]
Struggle with this, put that work in
Come on ya'll, struggle with this
Homicide Hill, come on ya'll, grizzly
Struggle with this...

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