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Cannabis Corpse – Every Bud Smoken lyrics

"Just one hit" at the first is what they told me,
Here it is only 2 days later, now behold me.
I have been changed so that I see the world
Through eyes that are green. Supreme obsession, weed
Has made me a fiend.
My pot addiction cannot be broken,
Every bud I see now must be smoken.
I have changed so that I see the world,
Through eyes that are green. Supreme obsession, weed
Has made me a fiend. I've smoken away
The last of my free will. Needing weed has driven me to kill,
Beating up the wussies, Beating up the pussies.
I take the weed out from their clutches, out from the hands of the weak.
Then I roll the deed into a box of dutches, stoned satisfaction.
Every bud smoken, these cravings are enslaving me, weed frenzied reality, Every bud smoken.
The drugs of other are best, now I need some more, you're bag is next!
I need a new supply, I've ravaged everyone I know gets high, I smell you're weed.
You hear me cry, now there's bigger fish to fry.
(Weed hungry growls and screams)
Every bud smoken.
I'll give it one last hooray with aggression that is raw.
There is that mustached cop that I saw!
My thirst has been unleashed, time to feast.
On the pot at the station of police!

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