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Cage The Elephant – Cigarette Daydreams lyrics

Did you stand there all alone?
Oh I cannot explain what's going down
I can see you standing next to me
In and out somewhere else right now
You sigh
look away
I can see it clear as day
Close your eyes so afraid
Hide behind that baby face
You can
drive all night
Looking for answers in the pouring rain
You wanna find peace of mind
Looking for the answer
Funny how it
seems like yesterday
As I recall you were looking out of place
Gathered up your things and slipped away
No time at all I followed you into the hall
Cigarette Daydream
You were only seventeen
speak with a mean streak
Nearly brought me to my knees

(You can drive all night
Looking for the answers in the pouring rain
You wanna find peace of mind
Looking for the answer
If we could find a reason, a reason to change
Looking for the answer
If you could find a reason, a reason to say
Standing in the pouring rain)

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Corrected bybuffbills

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    I think it's about the singer's love for a girl who came from a bad past. She's sweet with a mean streak. Her past haunts her. She's there with the singer, but not totally because she is struggling with abuse as a child. She can't totally feel loved until she let's her past go. She is searching for the answers and the scene (in the video) of her starting herself on fire in the trunk represents her letting go of her past. Not suicide because in the end she's standing by the singer who truly loves her.
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    Its about how the narrator is fighting with their lover and they left the narrator, I'm assuming their in an apartment, down the hall and left. The narrator is hopeing their lover just needs time to think. They had a fight about something that happened in the past. Also if you listen to the other songs on this amazing album it all ties together. The album seems like a guy having regret for something he did in the past and wishes he can take it back. This band reminds me a lot like Nirvana.
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    I interperet tho to be a man looking back on a past relationship thinking about how it failed and how painful it seemed at the time. "Funny how it seems like yesterday, as I recall..." Cigarette daydreams kind of evokes that nostalgic kind of sad feeling -- musing over the past over a cigarette. It's a very powerful song in my opinion and about a couple that split up because of differences in their lifestyles -- the girl is obviously missing something in her life and "looking for the answers" so she leaves.
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    I agree a lot with the first two posts. The singer is smoking a cigarette and remembering his girlfriend he had when he was seventeen. The "cigarette daydream" refers to the nostalgic feeling he's feeling as he's smoking his cigarette and "how it seems like yesterday", as the first post talks about. The story is about the singer and his girlfriend that he loved and she's about to leave him in the apartment that they shared on a stormy, rainy night, as the second post says. Something happened in her life and she needs to leave him to go "find the answers in the pouring rain", but he loves her so much and follows her down the hall. He follows her outside and she gets in her car and drives away, leaving him standing alone in the rain. Just my thoughts.
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    When watching the video and listening to the song I feel it is all about that one girl. It shows her young and older and her happiness and confusion and sadness. At the end it looks like it is her tied up in the trunk of her car. She Sets It On fire. Committing Suicide.
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