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Cab Calloway – Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me) lyrics

My momma done tol me
When I was in knee-pants
My momma done tol me, Son, What did she tell you?
A woman gon sweet-talkyeah!
And give you de glad-eyes, Ah, ahh..
But when that sweet-talk is done: Keep on a- talkin.
A womans a two-faced
A worrisome thing
Wholl leave you to sing the blues... The blues...
In the night. Yes, in the night.
Now the rains a-fallin,
Hear the train a-callin -Oohee...
My momma done tol me. Oh...
Hey, that lonesome whistles
Blowin cross the trestle. Oohee...
My momma done tol me. Hey, ahooee - ahooee!
A clickety-clackin
And echoin back at the blues...
In the night.
The evenin breeze - The stars -
The trees a-cryin and the moon
Ll hide it's light
When you get the blues
In the night. Its really tough to get the blues in the night.
Take my word:
The mockingbird
Sings the saddest kind of song;
He knows things are wrong -
And he's right. Yes, he's right to sing the blues in the night.
From Natchez to Mobile;
From Memphis to St. Joe;
Wherever the four winds blow; They blow everywhere!
I been in some big towns, Yeah!
And I done heard me some big talk, Ahh, ahh...
But there's one thing I know: Keep a-talkin.
A womans a-two-faced -
A worrisome thing
Wholl leave you to sing the blues... The blues
In the night. Yes, in the night.
A woman will leave you singin the blues.
I know she will -
My momma was right:
The blues in the night.

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