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Busy Signal – Nah Help You lyrics

Big Ship (uh huh)
Sailing smoothly (smoothly)
Boy dem a gwaan wid a bag a ting.

Mi nuh know weh dem boy deh a try but me dem caaw program (program)
Mi sound di big ting dem, a hothead hothead a mi slogan (slogan)
Hothead Leader, leader
When mi seh hothead mi nuh mean nuh fever

Once dem a bleach an dem nuh love black
Once dem a dash weh weed an bun crack
Once dem a push head under gal frock
Once dem a follow gal an go tek c***

Pussyhole Mi mi mi caaw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh
Mi naw help yuh

Yo him mada seh a good youth weh nuh cause problem
But she frighten when she see him wid di mac 10
Him a loot a shoot a rape di pickney dem
Bruk di shop terrorize di old people dem

She caaw help yuh
She caaw help yuh
She caaw help yuh
Police gaan wid yuh

Some naw work di dearest set a tings dem wear
Weh dem get it from yuh nuh haffi wonder where
Fi di fast cash nuff a dem a sell rear tek spear
Dem a queer an mi see it clear

Mi naw help yuh
Mi naw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh

How some a dem stay so
Sit down an watch man every day so
Dem a watch yuh when you go collect yuh pay suh
An a set up fi rob up fi mob fi chop up
Di haters jus love to hate yuh
Yes mi know dem a pree mi long long time
Watch me like bbc long long time
But mi significant like the da vinci code an constantine

Some a dem a some dutch a talk
Mi know seh a mi money dem want
Dem a walk round di place an a screw up dem face
But a one ting mi sure seh mi naw

Mi naw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh
Mi naw help yuh
Mi caaw help yuh

Hypocrite laugh an chat seh dem rate yuh
Hypocrite when dem know seh dem hate yuh
Hypocrite neva yet try elevate yuh
Dem always a try eliminate yuh

Nobody neva gonna help yuh
No dem neva gonna help yuh
Mi naw help yuh
Mi naw help yuh

Hothead hothead hothead hothead believe me
Yo stephen some boy fi know
Ha ha ha
Hothead hothead hothead
Sailing smoothly

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