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Busta Rhymes – Intro [genesis] lyrics

Phone*rings Busta*

Yeah: what up Clive?
Davis Hey: Busta Busta!
Yo: what up Clive Clive?
Busta: look, the, time is right now Busta.
Ok: Clive.
You: got a ridiculous album Busta...
Right: Clive.
It's: ... hot to death Busta...
Thank: you Clive.
We: ... just gotta press it up and, hit the streets Busta.
No: doubt Clive.
Busta: I've? got some words of advice Busta.
And: what's that Clive Clive?
Keep: it gutter keep, it grimey Busta.
No: question Clive.
One: Busta.
Ha: one, Clive? Davis ya'll, One. Haha. No. question Let's. get straight to it Well.

Busta Rhymes It's! been a long time since you've had a good talkin' to And. the last time I gave you my blessings I, told you you, was gonna encounter a lot of n s****and, b s*****tryin', to get into your s t**Well. you've, come a long ways since me the, badass dude paid you a visit And. even up to this point you, ain't seen s t**yet From! what I understand you, done built you a brand new home So. this time around before, you welcome these motherfuckers in yo' s t**make, sure they know the rules Rule! #1 Busta! Rhymes is your name And! breakin' motherfuckers down is your game Rule! #2 As! you continue to give it to 'em raw before, they come into yo' house make, sure they wipe they feet at the mothafuckin' door Rule! #3 Before! these n s****misconceive you as a pranksta make, sure these motherfuckers respect yo' gangsta Now! moving right along as, you enter this new place in your growth like, I told ya before keep, slapping d k**in the mouths of these b s*****that don't wanna act right And! put a hot one in any mothafucker that tries to get in the way of this power move s t**right here Alright! Busta, enough, with the s t**talkin' Let's. welcome these mothafuckas into the Genesis Let's. go Let's! go let's, go let's, go

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