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Burden Brothers – Beautiful Night lyrics

It's a beautiful night for feeling lonely
A beautiful night for being afraid
So raise your hands, you one and only's
You one-of-a-kinds who feel this way

I don't want to talk, don't want to explain it
I don't want to fuck and I don't want to fight
It's only a feeling, it's fleet and fading
It's all over the world, and it's only tonight

Cause it's a beautiful night, beautiful night, yeah
Beautiful night, beautiful night to be here

It's a perfect time for being wasted
A perfect time to watch the stars
So throw back your head
Come on, embrace it
It's a beautiful night, wherever you are

It's a beautiful night
Beautiful night, yeah
Beautiful night
Beautiful night to be here

All good things will come to you
Maybe tonight, maybe tonight it's the truth
I don't know

All good things to those who dream
Maybe tonight, maybe tonight we'll find peace
God I hope so

So raise your hands, raise your hands...

All good friends, they stood by you
And one at a time, one at a time they fell down
They fall down

All your fears are coming true and
This is the time, this is the time of your life
That defines you

So raise your hands, raise your hands...

Under the stars I'm alone among strangers
Confused, connected, diffused and alive
Maybe the future will smile on us
Maybe the future is here tonight

Cause it's a beautiful night, beautiful night, yeah
Beautiful night, beautiful night to be here

Beautiful night (8x)

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    When it all makes sense.
    When it all isn't perfect.
    When you're still at the bottom of the mountain because we keep losing our footing. We don't know anyone made it to the top yet because the peak is in the clouds.
    It gives meaning to something that has no meaning at all. Life. It needs meaning to keep us alive and to keep us going from day to day. It super-cedes human fault and human virtue.
    I loved this song for many years because of how catchy it is and I never really understood it. Stumbling across it again I though about it and the generalized nature of the metaphors make it easy to mirror your own life off of. 3/23/12 9: 17pm and it's a beautiful night to be here.
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