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Budgie – I Can't See My Feelings lyrics

I can't see my feelings
Open my eyes
I can't see my feelings
Open a pair of eyes

I can't see my feelings
Keep them behind
I just keep on reeling
Running back down the line

Oh oooh
A weight like a stone
Uuuuuuum um um um um, hey

Oh, I can't stand that screaming
Don't even try
Music fans some feelings
It'll be tell me why

Oh oh
Now now now

I can't stop that feeling
Showing me why
Man I love that feeling
Yeah, blowin' me right through the sky

Ah, Whew! Hey, hey, hey
Oh, oh

Oh hey hey hey hey hey hey
Oh, listen to what she says
If it's good, it's nice

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    Heyya its moi. Again. Lol can I just say that thunderstruck and back in black are my fav acdc songs so look them up! Theyre awrsorme! K and also in the grip of a tyrefitters hand is a reli good budgie song. I luuuv the riffs! Omlgg der is sooomany class budgie songs I love dem all. Right also look up carlos santana he is a legg! Love his orange guitar and he has reli cool songs including why don't you and I, into the night, out yer lights on, and much more. Also joe bonamassa! What a leggg! My fav songs are dust bowl and black lung heart ache. Der reli coolio! Hey btw I'm acc only goin inta second form how cool is that and I'm kinna obssessed wiv all da oldies lol. I also love florence and the machine, blinding, drumming song, cosmic love, between two lungs, I'm not calling you a liar and ov coarse kiss with a fist. I'm reli sory I gabble on a lil. : l lol.
    Lots ov love, toria : d
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    He didn't think he coukd feel any love until he met this girl. Now he is luving this feeling(the feeling ov love!) and he knows that she luvs him and he luvs her bavk. Its reli sweet and I love budgie so much they are class! Well done my lil feathery friends. This is one ov my fav songs! Lol well long side acdc so yea, pretty coolio! Lots ov love, toria : d
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