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Bryan Duncan – Ain't No Stoppin' Now lyrics

Well, the world's full of crazy people,
Haven't got a clue to who they are
(Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!)
In a corner, standin' face down
Hands in your pockets all the time
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
Always worried, busy, shoutin',
Carryin' on about the way things oughta be
(Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!)
Oh, let's forsake it, break it up, and take it easy,
Make it light for awhile
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
Be like a roller coaster ride,
Ain't no stoppin' now!
Oh, flash flood on the inside
Ain't no stoppin' now
An avalanche of snowfall coming down
Ain't no stoppin' now
Like no breaks on a race car, look out!
Yeah, God wouldn't tell you what to do
If He knew you couldn't make it, y'all
(Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!)
Oh, Life is good news and it's bad
You can laugh or just get mad
It's still the same
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
Get aquainted with your pain,
But it don't make it easier
(Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!)
Oh, there's a time to be happy,
There's a time to be sad,
Let's take the first one!
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)
Preach it, ya'll
Ain't no stoppin' now
A free fall from an airplane
Ain't no stoppin' now
Or maybe a silver bullet fired from a gun
Ain't no stoppin' now
A step beyond the point of no return, hey yeah!
Find a safety belt, hook it up, pull it tight,
'Cause there won't be no stoppin' in this place tonight!
Count down to ignition
Take me worlds away
No hangin' round till your heaven bound,
No! That ain't the way to live your life today!
(Scream) Hey!
Yo! Nathan East, break it

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