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Bruce Springsteen – Cadillac Ranch lyrics

Well there she sits buddy just a-gleaming in the sun
There to greet a working man when his day is done
I'm gonna pack my pa and I'm gonna pack my aunt
I'm gonna take them down to the Cadillac Ranch
Eldorado fins, whitewalls and skirts
Rides just like a little bit of heaven here on earth
Well buddy when I die throw my body in the back
And drive me to the junkyard in my Cadillac

Cadillac, Cadillac
Long and dark shiny and black
Open up your engines let 'em roar
Tearing up the highway like a big old dinosaur

James Dean in that Mercury '49
Junior Johnson runnin' through the woods of Caroline
Even Burt Reynolds in that black Trans Am
All gonna meet down at the Cadillac Ranch


Hey little girlie in the blue jeans so tight
Drivin' alone through the Wisconsin night
You're my last love you're my last chance
Don't let 'em take me to the Cadillac Ranch


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  • u
    Well, james dean is dead, but junior johnson and burt reynolds are still alive. So, that blows the idea of a cemetery. But then there's that last line. "don't let 'em take me to the cadillac ranch. " so without love, you might as well be dead? I think the cadillac ranch is a state of mind. A place where you can hang with james dean, junior johnson and burt reynolds in your head.
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  • b
    Caddies ruled the road back in the day of cheap gasoline and no concern about fossil fuel. There is an actual Cadillac Ranch in Texas, where vintage Caddies are planted in the ground, trunk up. It's a well known landmark and tourist attraction. Or, metaphorically, I guess, It's where all our dreams go to die.
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