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Bruce Springsteen – Adam Raised A Cain lyrics
In the summer that I was baptized my father held me to his side
As they put me to the water he said how on that day I cried
We were prisoners of love a love in chains
He was standin' in the door I was standin' in the rain
With the same hot blood burning in our veins
Adam raised a Cain
All of the old faces ask you why you're back
They fit you with position and the keys to your daddy's Cadillac
In the darkness of your room your mother calls you by your true name
You remember the faces the places the names
You know it's never over it's relentless as the rain
Adam raised a Cain

In the Bible Cain slew Abel and East of Eden he was cast
You're born into this life paying for the sins of somebody else's past

Daddy worked his whole life for nothing but the pain
Now he walks these empty rooms looking for something to blame
You inherit the sins you inherit the flames
Adam raised a Cain
Lost but not forgotten from the dark heart of a dream
Adam raised a Cain

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Adam Raised A Cain meanings

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    Wow I mean just wow!! I am a big scholar (amateur) of Biblical texts. Bruce Springsteen's "Adam Raised a Cain" definitely showed me a different but altogether legitimate way to interpret the story of Cain and Abel. In truth I had never considered that Adam himself was partially to blame for the "father of Murder".. Cain. Indeed. Cain was like all children, a product of not only his environment, but also how Adam & Eve Raised him. It made me think deeply how and too what extent, Cain was morally culoable? If he was not taught by Adam & Eve not to cause harm. Much less Murder his brother?? Then how culpable was he? Also, having eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge... How or to what extent did Adam & Eve gain the knowledge of morality and not to murder? Perhaps God himself shares some of the blame? I mean, once having committed the sin... How much responsibility does God Bare for either showing them OR NOT showing them that murder was morally wrong. If he simply allowed them to taste and thus learn only the LIMITED knowledge gained by eating from the forbidden tree.. Ought not God should have educated them fully given that the SIN had already been committed. Therefore God had a choice between giving them full knowledge or leaving Adam & Eve with only the "Small taste if knowledge they gained" from their Sun?? I think that Bruce does a wonderful job in this song in raising the question of OK original sin and how long must the children Bare the sins of the Father; who he himself "walks the empty rooms looking for someone to blame"... To me... Indicating that at some point we have to ask not only how much Abel is Culpable... But also... Is Adam also even culpable?? Given that we can't be sure IF OR TO WHAT extent God gave them knowledge of right and wrong. While raising these very interesting philosophical questions... Bruce also raises and analogies This issue of the first murder to the current issue of fathers and sons "stuck" in a vicious circle of working class families who live on the edge of (sin) AKA (poverty) and how the sons are destined to inherent the "life" (Sins) of the father... Over and over again... And when does it end? When is payment or atonement made in full? Or IF EVER?
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      Wow I mean just wow!! I am a big scholar (amateur) of Biblical texts. Bruce Springsteen's "Adam... Read more →

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