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Bruce Cockburn – Put Our Hearts Together lyrics

Don't need the everlasting trade expansion
Don't need the cold white heroin breath
Don't need Pizzarro or the Inquisition
No berserk worship of a hero's death
Don't need reactionary politicians
Don't need the gunfight at the O. K.
Don't need no Reverend Paisley hate-masturbation
Don't need no Jihad or no ira
We need to put our hearts together
Set up a rhythm in combination
And if we put our hearts together
We get a rhythm that will shake creation
Who needs supremacy of pink people
There's no such thing as a pure racial strain
It takes all colours to make a rainbow
Takes every part to make a working brain
The whole of history is a growing together
If you want pure, you're gonna have caves again
Anyway who needs a geek like the Grand Dragon
So full of shit his breath makes acid rain
We need to...
Woman-in-kitchen, man-in-palace
Worshipping the performance of the phallus
Gaming for power till their hearts grow callous
As if a human's just an animal with malice
Limp lance, phallocrat, finger on the trigger
God ahead and stay small while everything gets bigger
It's a bully's game and I don't want to play
Why don't you think about the better way
We need to

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