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Brother Ali – Shadows On The Sun lyrics

(We'd like to capture your minds right now)

(What you say)

(Take you a little bit higher)

(What you say) (3X)

[ VERSE 1 ]
I like the snares loud enough to make your eyes blink from it
Only male with the Holy Grail, drink from it
I keep an eye on heaven and an ear to the street
And spread a thick layer of blood, sweat and tears on the beats
My brain rest upon the hip-hop lexicon
That I acquired in the decade of work that people slept upon
I don't rap, I recite the prayers of the inner soul
Of the slave ships' human cargo
Seemingly meaningless rappers flood the market
With shit that make me pace in my room until I rip the carpet
I'm fit to start up this next millennium
Swingin' the grappling hook at cackling crooks to finish 'em
The city dweller sendin' telegrams from Neverland
The better man kind now, kindly join the caravan
We're like a rock band that pack contraband
And won't hesitate to stomp a man into the rocks and sand
Brother Ali, and if you haven't heard about me
I'm flyin' just beneath your radar so y'all can doubt me
Stay on the sonar with crowbars to open minds
There's a ladder you're supposed to climb
Approach a Rhymesayer with a Buggsy Siegel sized ego
You gon' get yourself snatched out the sky, you know the steelo
By now, where, what, why and how
We start the revolution real time, right now

Yes, leave it to me to create hope where there was none
The human being shall cast shadows on the sun
Leave it to me to create hope where there was none
My inner soul shall cast shadows on the sun
Leave it to me to create hope where there was none
The human being shall cast shadows on the sun
Leave it to me to create hope where there was none
My inner soul shall, my inner light shall..

[ VERSE 2 ]
I rhyme for cats up in the harbored lights
Prayin' they don't starve tonight
And stay positive in the face of a harder life
My chorus light the torch for those on whom the sun set
Verses meant to speak for the voiceless
So let us never be dismayed or afraid
The ground we're walking on is stained
With the blood of those before us who came
Soldiers in this freedom movement are too numerous to name
Cause the human soul yearns to be free, it's all the same
I rhyme for runaways, prayin' that they see another day
You gotta' make it through the winter to feel some summer days
It's for my natives, it's history in the way their hair is braided
Elephants never forget, that's how they say it
Tell my man Hasim in prison keep grinnin' because he's innocent
And tell him that the tests we get are heaven-sent
Listen, I rap for the ones that Johnny Cash wore, the black, for
Black and white women that were turned to crackhores
And I empty everything in the bank to give for it
I empty all the days of my life to live for it
And I empty all the blood in my veins to fight for it
So I empty all the ink in this pen to write for it


[ VERSE 3 ]
I glance in the sky and see the same cloud configuration
That Nat Turner saw the day they hanged him
Resisted in the face of adversity with a fist and it was raised
One finger extended, meaning Allah be praised
Spent days in Heaven's embassy
On Qu'ran pages Allah explains this legacy
Angels doubted Adam, Jacob's brothers clapped him
And ancient Pharaohs were too brutal to fathom
If all the earth's oceans were ink and the trees were pens
You could never write the knowledge of God, it never ends
And I know it feels like the whip wounds will never mend
But it's the way of makin' the oppressed prevalent men
We standin' with humanity at destiny's door
Chanting the war cry, it goes, "Never no more"
So if y'all tryin'a talk about the horrors you see
Feel free to tell your stories through me


There's only one God and he's not just above
There's only one man and there's only one love
Till everybody gets what I instill in my seed
For that y'all, we willing to bleed
There's only one God and he's not just above
There's only one woman and there's only one love
We doin' this till all of Adam's children are freed
And for that y'all, we willin' to bleed

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