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Broken Hope – The Internal Twin lyrics

Inside my fertile mother, the egg fertilized
And from one egg, two individuals originated
A pair of identical twins began to grow
But in an unnatural quirk the embryos fused
And I absorbed my embryonical sibling into me
From my earliest fetal stages into adulthood
His displaced cells grew as I did
We matured together in the oddest ways
Together as one we were born to be
I grew up as a freak, a walking monstrosity
A living abnormality for scientific study
Tumorous growths on and in my body cause me pain
Of dermoid origins, these tumors are pieces of my brother
These teratomas sprout across my body
As my fragmented sibling develops from my torsos
My brother lives within
Inside lays the internal twin
My stomach contains rows of his teeth
Molars and incisors grow from the organ walls
And scalp hair clumps from external teratocarinomas
His bulbous eyeballs protrude from my right temple and ear
They twitch inside misshapen sockets
Sightless they roll and gaze into black
A toothless cartilage mouth opens from my chest
Its rubbery spasms will never speak a word
And his retarded raging thoughts I hear
He bellows and cries inside of my skull
His berserk, confused substratum shrieks drive me mad
His underdeveloped brain grows from mine
And his retarded raging thoughts I hear
He bellows and cries inside of my skull
Always he has shared my vital organs
My heart, my lungs, and pulsing blood
Since birth his survival has depended on me
His nurturing has me to thank
I am sorry brother I can no longer live like this
It is time to finally set you free
Subconscious echoes as my twin horrifically scrams
The surgeons' scalpels cut him out piece by piece

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