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Broken Bells – Vaporize lyrics
What amounts to a dream anymore?
A crude device; A veil on our eyes
A simple plan we'd be different from the rest
And never resign to a typical life

Common fears start to multiply
We realize we're paralyzed
Where'd it go, All that precious time?
Did we even try to stem the tide?

Why should we waste it on
Buying into the same old lies?
The longer we wait around
The faster the years go by

It's not too late
To feel a little more alive
Make our escape
Before we start to vaporize

Doubtless, we've been through this
So if you want to follow me you should know
I was lost then and I am lost now
And I doubt I'll ever know which way to go

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Vaporize meanings

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    In my view this song lyrics describe people's way of looking differently in fear of the unknown in "life" than what they used to
    in fact, the point is that the lyrics "message" is living life as kind of "individual" believing in yourself and escaping other people thoughts of what is correct. But inside all your thought you might get lost and continue the insecure-fearing feeling you had in the beginning.
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    When we're younger we think we're going to do all these wonderful things. Skin-dive for urchins. Hike kilamjaro. Be an artist. Find true love. Write a book, a play or make a movie. Then we find ourselves stuck in our dead-end job that we hate, barely able to afford the rent, and the money we do have, instead of saving it we spend it on gagits and booze, clothes, bbqs and camping trips trying to make us feel that we're alive. Because we work hard at something we don't enjoy and think these nothings will make us feel better and yet the emptiness pervades. A reminder in this song that's it's never to late to change the course of your life. You can do these things. You just have to be brave enough to make the change that's needed. Save those pennies. Quit that job. Buy a plane ticket. When you are actually following your true path in life, the one your heart dictates, everything else will line up and it will all unfold before you. Instead of "everybodys working for the weekends". I'm too young (32) to spend the next 30 years of my life waiting for retirement when my bones are more creaky to do these things. To do the things I've always wanted to. To live my life, safely in the comfort of my slaved away for decades to pay home, with my pension that I sold my soul for, to calmly sip wine and dip the paintbrush and know that I can do freely now what I've always wanted. At age 65. If you don't change and follow your heart to live a life that's full of living, not just subsisting. If you don't change you will know the truth on your deathbed. You will know how foolish it was to continue to do what you hate for so long to buy the house and the car that ultimately, did not bring you happiness. It's only stuff. The real spark of life is found living it.
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    We always dream about having a different life. But why think of it as impossible; a dream. If we thought of one easy way to change our life, our reality would be better. Instead we mope around and just dream of everything. You start fearing, more and more and you start to realize you're stuck and can't change what you; re fearing. If we wait for our life to change, and not change it, time will go by; you'll run out of time. You need to get out of your habits of feeling like nothing is ever good enough, and escape the fear before it really is to late to change your life. Even if you try, you may still feel lost and things might never get better. But there is always room in everyones life to even try and change the inevitable.
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      In my view this song lyrics describe people's way of looking differently in fear of the unknown in... Read more →
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      When we're younger we think we're going to do all these wonderful things. Skin-dive for urchins.... Read more →

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