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Brian Wilson – Gettin' In Over My Head lyrics

I couldn't believe the sensation when you kissed my face
The look in your eyes and the feelin' of your embrace
I try to be strong but that isn't so easy for me
I wish I could figure what this thing would turn out to be

Am I gettin' in over my head?
It's gettin' deeper all the time
Yes I'm gettin' in over my head
And it's scarin' me right outta my mind

It's all I can do to keep from fallin' off the track
I try to resist you but I always keep comin' back
As a matter of fact it's so heavy I've been losin' sleep
I don't know what's happenin'
'Cause I've never been in so deep

Am I gettin' in over my head?

It's the strangest feelin' I've ever had
Yes I'm gettin' in over my head
And maybe that ain't so bad

No one could ever change my mind
I've got to see for myself this time
I just might not ever come back from this

You hold me so close I can feel the softness of your sighs
I lose all control every time you look in my eyes
I try to be cool and take it slow but I don't know how
It's makin' me wonder if anything can stop me now

Am I gettin' in over my head?
I never thought it'd be this way
Yes I'm gettin' in over my head
And this is where I wanna stay

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