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Brave Saint Saturn – Recall lyrics

It was all about acceleration
All for notoriety
All about the destination
Driven by my own abilities
Rocket shuttered screamed and then fell away
Lift this juggernaut into the sky
Radio waves in the frozen night
Spelling "I miss you"

Like a flicker of light
In the back of my mind
And it all comes back to me
Like an overdue sunrise
It all comes back to me

There's nothing like complete exhaustion
The atrophy of complete defeat
The feeling of the world upon my shoulders
And realizing I am incomplete
Well there's a lot of freedom in failure
Of recklessness of weightless abandonment
I remember light coming through stained glass
And it reminds me

I remember Your love
Being better than life
When it all comes back to me
I will sing in the shadows
When it all comes back
When it all comes back
When it all comes back
To me

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    I think that this song is about being confronted with the pain and weight of personal defeat, or shortcoming: as if when, after relying so much on ones own resources and ambition, the all too short rope of self reliance quickly becomes tot, stressed, and snaps, and you are left collapsed, broken and alone.
    But, the song is also about finding hope in that despair; it is about finding light in the darkness. The singer writes of the memory of "light shining through stained glass" and of someone's love being "better than life" itself--better than all he knew, strove or hoped for. The image of light shining through stained glass signifies a church, and the love which is better than life itself is the love of god, which is the saving grace amidst sorrow; the light shining in the darkness.
    The singer tells us his story as if he had forgotten about this god whose love is so great, and has to be reminded of it, even if it is only in the midst of extreme pain and utter, holistic exhaustion that it can be remembered. It is the painful experience of collapse which actually caused him to recall this god, and his love, and the singer is renewed enough in strength to "sing in the shadows"; so that his sorrow is turned into joy, and even while still in the darkness, he can rejoice in song.
    In short, the song is about the grace of god which is to be found when we are confronted with all of our insufficiency, and about his love which comforts us in those dark places: it is about the redemption from all of our sins in jesus christ--god's most complete expression of love to us--and the strength to live a renewed life now, in these shadow-lands, leading to eternal life in the future.
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