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Brave Combo – Santa's Polka lyrics

Oh, it was christmas eve
Me and my cousin steve
Were pulling an all-nighter
Our parents were gone
We thought it would be swift
To catch them with the gifts
And prove that all their stories
Of santa were wrong

We played my dad's lps
Of polka melodies
And danced around
Until we collapsed on the couch
Then up on the roof
I heard the sound of hooves
And downward through
The chimney came the real living proof

It's santa's polka
It's santa's polka
Santa don't get cold
When he's dances at the old north pole-ka
He does a polka
It's santa's polka
Santa's got to hop
Because he's got to make
A lot of stops on christmas eve

He did a polka hop
Across the room and stopped
In front of daddy's hi-fi with gifts in his hand
He saw the phonograph
Turned round to us and laughed
Let's see, what have
I got for these young polka fans

He set them in a heap
But steve was fast asleep
He still thinks uncle john bought
His new saxophone
I won't be so naive
To ever disbelieve
'cause I'm playing the accordion
I got that christmas eve

It's santa's polka
It's santa's polka
Santa's jumping
Jiminy up-through-the-chimney polka
It's santa's polka
It's santa's polka
Santa's got to hop because he's got to
Make a lot of stops on christmas eve

Hop-step-step to the left
Hop-step-step to the right
A merry christmas to you all
And to you all a good night

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