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Boyzone – Mystical Experience - Experiencia Religiosa lyrics

Looking for you, lost in my emptiness,
When the cold makes me weary, cold and lonely,
Looking for ecstasy to make me live again,
A supernatural feeling when you hold me,
Cada vez que estoy contigo,
Yo descubro el infinito,
Tiembla el suelo,
La noche se ilumina,
El silencio se vuelve melodia

Y es casi un experiencia religiosa,
Sentir que resuctio si me tocas,
Subir al firmamento prendido de tu cuerpo,
Es un experiencia religiosa,
Almost like a mystical experience,
To rise with every step as you come near me,
And when I'm closer to ya your kisses, halleluya,
Take me to a mystical experience.

Vuelve pronto mi amor te necesito ya,
Porque esta noche tan honda me da miedo,
Necesito la musica de tu alegria,
Para callar los demonios que llevo dentro,
Life without you's like a stranger,
Full of shadows, full of danger,
And when you're with me the world is full of passion,
And when you touch me, a magical reaction...

It's almost like a mystical experience,
To feel I'm born again when you come near me,
To reach the stars above me,
The minute that you love me,
Oh, it's like a mystical experience,
Casi una experiencia religiosa,
Contigo cada instante en cada cosa,
Besar la boca tuya merece un aleluya,
Es un experiencia religiosa.

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