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Boyz II Men – Why Christmas lyrics

Mike*and Wanya talk in the beginning Mike:*
Hey: what's, wrong squirt Wanya?
I: don't know man Sometimes. around this time of year I just get depressed Mike.
Man: this, isn't the time of year to be depressed It's. the time to be happy and giving man, Wanya.
You: know sometimes, I think about things that are happening in the world today things, I didn't have I. just feel like crying Mike.
We: all feel that way sometimes But. it'll, be alright Wanya.
I: just I, just wonder why Every.

day at this time of year I
wonder time and time again Why
are kids suffering All?
of the tears 'cause being caught in the crossfire (Why )?Somebody
tell me why As
the joyous day comes along The
eldest feel there's something wrong He's
looking for Mom but she's not there Kids
are looking for reindeer in the air Chorus

messed up again Why
brother and my sister They
ain't got no toys What
am I supposed to do When
growing up for me wasn't joy It's?
gonna be a why Christmas It's
gonna be it's, gonna be a A
why Christmas No

one was there but Grandma and her friends A
time of heartache is setting in There's
nothing I can do Just
sit and feel pain run me through I
often wished they were never born The
thought of them not having no toys Their
little hearts were torn I
was young and I cried as well I
didn't have a job But
I prayed to the Lord that there'd be better days Yes
he, gave me a reason to live He
gave me a sign But
I still think to that day when Chorus


and my Brother
and my Brother
and my Sister
a lot) Chorus

(repeats to fade out)

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