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Boyz II Men – Just Like Me lyrics

Why In The Hell Does This Keep Happenin To Me

Every Time I Find Someone And Think I Can Be Happy

It's Like Just In A Matter Of Weeks

We Go From A To Z

And I Go From Knowin To Wonderin

Then She Goes Along And Writes Another Song

That Changes The One I Used To Sing

The Songs So Beautiful It Can't Be Wrong

But If I Take This Step, It'll Change Everything

And I'm About To Lose It


If I Can Get You To Think Just Like Me

We'd Be Happy

My Hearts On The Brink, It's Not What You Think... It Could Be

If I Could Get You To Think Just Like Me

It Would Be Cool

And Then The Love Would Be Everything It Should Be

I Feel This Girl Shouldn't Be On My Mind

But She Does All The Right Things

At The Wrong Damn Times

I Should Just Try It, But No

I Think About Crossing That Line

I Mean, I've Been Accused So Many Times For That Crime

I Might As Well Ahve

But If I Did It I Would Admit It

Cause It's The Path My Heart Will Lead Me Too

I'm So Afraid Of What Would Become Of My World

It's The Reason Why I Stand Here So Confused

And I'm About To Lose It


Darlin Listen... This Is Not A Dirty Thing... It's Pure

If We Were On The Same Page... You'd Be Sure

You See What I See... Feel What I Feel

Know What I Need For Our Love To Heal

This Is Not A Dirty Thing... It's For Real

All We Need Is Understanding To Prevail

You Would See What I See... Feel What I Feel

Know What I'd Need For Our Love


[repeat Chorus]

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