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Boy Sets Fire – So Long... And Thanks For The Crutches lyrics

Just enough freedom to forget you're a slave,
Just enough anger to make sure we get paid
Easy does it baby don't lose your head-cause we both know
That ideals don't sell come now pass us the saccharin
Part 1 then part 2 who knew you had it so easy

[Chorus: X2]
Hit it hit it we'll go straight to the top
It's all a matter of whose c*** you suck
We got the money hey come on lets go ha!
Ha! You know you want it!
Yeah! You know you want it! (well c'mon)

Shake it like a rebel just don't cross any lines
Cause family god and country are back in style
S** drugs and politics are fine-just remember
That we own you, we bought you, and we'll sell you whenever we want to
We break your legs and you will thank us for the crutches

[Chorus: X2]

We wanna fuck but we end up kissing
Is this still rock cause the danger is missing
You gotta feed it gotta feed your addiction
So pack a lunch for the next crucifixion
You wanna feel the applause?
You wanna win at all cost?
Well you better learn to play nice and eat shit like a dog!

[Chorus: X2]

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