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Bow Wow – Born Stunna lyrics

What up Bird Man what is...
I just caught the... Bought my bitch a Bentley Coop
That's a hundred thousand, folks try to...
I'm getting this, so far I keep a low profile
Yeah, that's why I learn that from the big boys
Keep a regular car, yeah, that's my decoy
When you're young, black and rich, them foes don't like it
Tons of court cases on me, yeah I'm gonna fight it
Cause ain't got time for the sucker shit
Back with my baby momma, cause I can't trust the bitch!
What? Ymcmb that's the green team
Smoking on that shit from Cally got me seeing things
Uh, stunning and I got it
Me and my homies twenty D, fucking up the party
Initiate fucking Rico, send that to the lobby
All I got is hard dick and a couple of these bodies
What's up?

Born stunna, born stunna
I got that... I caught it for the summer
Born stunna, born stunna, yeah
Cash money, young money, how we're doing ours
Hey, what you got?
Money, money, money bags
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Money, money, money bags
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Hey, what that shit do, stunner?
Money, money, money bags

Born stunna, rap hundred,
Flock a hundred of them things for them cheap numbers
Red numbers, eight hundred,

Hit them all with my bitch and blow another hundred
... Popping red bottles
I'm talking big faces, money and the power
... Put my name in it
Bird man bitch, and I've been...
So my baby want a new...
Pearl white stay fresh on a new shit
Born hustler on the money shit
You feel, blowing mills, is big deals, bitch!

Born stunna, born stunna
Flip a hundred keys just to born all summer
Born stunna, born stunna
I put a hundred carats in the... Momma!
Hey, what you got?
Born stunna, she's a born stunna
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Mercedes... She's a born stunna
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Born stunna, she's a born stunna
Stack a hundred mill and...
Hey, what you got?
Money, money, money bags
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Money, money, money bags
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

A lot, a lot of money bags
The money in the garbage can
Strapped up, tight with a hundred bags
Money filthy bitch, we're in the money land
See, we're shining like the money can
Since the money can't, bitch we're doing the money thing
Yeah, ymcmb a lot of... Hustlers since I hit the streets
Two fifty on the new peaks
New... Twenty thousand square feet

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