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Bound For Glory – When Nothing Remains lyrics

Three young dead in an arson attack
Their youthfull life stolen away
It's the same headlines heard so many times before
Why do the innocent have to pay?
Do you think to them religion really mattered
So much that they'd be killing for?
Innocent victims caught in the crossfire
Now casualties of an insane war

How many tears? How much sorrow?
How many hearts are broken?
I keep asking myself why?
How many more treaties, with useless words spoken?
If we don't stop it now
We are all destined to die

Hundreds of years of fratricidal wars
Fighting for ancient lands
Ethnic hatreds reach to extremes
As man kills his fellow man
Brother kills brother on the battlefield
Their blood and destruction feeds the rich
While the ones who finance the slaughter
Escape the blame without a hitch

For how much greed and for how much money
Have we been sold?
At whose expense must we die?
What's to believe when all promises have been broken?
And everything we hear
Is a goddamn lie

I don't see a future on the path we follow
A path plagued by death and pain
Please why can't you tell me who has won
When nothing remains?

Wake up and see, I'm not the enemy
Who has won when nothing remains?
Learn from your history, hate does not kill hate
Who has won when nothing remains?
Why can't you believe, you have so much to learn
Now you've turned your back on where you came from
Do you think there's lessons to be learned
While you sink, nothing remains

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