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Bonnie Raitt – The Fundamental Things lyrics

Lets run naked through these city streets
Were all captives of captivity
Lets wear madness like a crucifix
Lets tattoo Bible quotes across both our hips
Lets get back to the fundamental things
Lets get back to the elements of style
Lets get back to simple skin on skin
Lets get back to the fundamental things
Lets dance barefoot over broken glass
Slither like a snake does through the wet, cold grass
Howl and tremble in a sleepless grind
Lets do the braindrain, leave it all behind
You can sit in your room and worry
You can contemplate the end
Or let your house burn down behind you
Run bare-ass through the streets again
You can hide out on your rooftop
Wishing you had never been
Or go down to hals bar and grill
Find your innocence again

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