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Bone Thugs N Harmony – Aint Nuthin Changed (Everyday Thang Part 2) lyrics

Chorus (Krayzie)
Aint nuthin changed, everyday
Aint nuthin changed....(3x)
Its an everyday thing when you hear tha bukk bang
Mo thuggstaz always claim
Stay thug up in this game
N remain tha same
So follow me now see (now see)
Up to tha double glock n
Hear pistols poppin(poppin)
Everybody get, get down(4x)
I like ta puff up on my caine
Wittout tha grain
Ya'll gon' need all my change
I'm pullin my people up outta tha bullshit
Thatz why we do this thuggsta music
You be pullin on tha dubie, dubie
B. O. N. E. So lovley
Gotta get, gotta get, get money
Mo money, thuggin
Foreva we keepin it real
I'm ready ta show tha last nigga
How a mo thug hit tha shit
Than be rollin with tha murda, we golden
Rollin down with indo we go
Than get stopped, we all thug(yeah)
Ready to bust on in at night
Shoot em up, shoot em up
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
I'm wonderin really how many more niggas'll be in a coffin
Before it's my time, imma die right here
Take losses, not a dime
Everyday it's tha same, n I gotta get mine for tha crime
My mental be blessin my pistol
My only utensil for cheddar
Its on tha level, war
Whateva my mind is my judge
Imma kiss or my pleasure with ya
Like kid come parlay with lay
All through my hood
Be back, everything gonna be all good
niggas ridin real
Like I would
Goin against tha grind
Its all tha same, it's all tha same
Smokin alotta weed?????
No pain, no gain
You straight up hate, n that's a shame
How long we'll arrange
Bang, bang gotta get down for my thang
Aint nothin ta do ta get out of this game (out of this game)
You'll try, but you still will see
You could be
N roll tham greens of tha earth
Were religious baby
Baby tell me whut do you wanna do
Tell me whut you wanna do
You wanna ride n smoke with me
Or I can ride n smoke with you
Its all cool, it's all cool, it's all cool

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