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Bon Iver – Roslyn lyrics
Up with your turret
Aren't we just terrified?
Shale, screen your worry from what you won't ever find

Don't let it fool you
Don't let it fool you... Down
Down's sitting round, folds in the gown

Sea and the rock below
Cocked to the undertow
Bones blood and teeth erode, with every crashing node

Wings wouldn't help you
Wings wouldn't help you... Down
Down fills the ground, gravity's proud

You barely are blinking
Wagging your face around
When'd this just become a mortal home, now?

Won't, won't, won't, won't

Won't let you talk me
Won't let you talk me, down
Will pull it taut, nothing let out

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Submitted by Zophia
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    This song is about suicide but I believe it is an emotional suicide he is singing about not physical. He is singing to her trying to talk her out of it but she sees him coming and puts up her guard (a turret is a guard tower of a castle). He is telling her don't let it fool you, your death is at the bottom of that cliff. "down fills the ground" if you jump you will be in the ground as in your grave. "gravity is proud" you aren't special and you cannot beat it. But in the end she cannot be talked down and finds her suicide in another way "will pull it taut, nothing let out" talks about a rope you hang yourself with. Haunting lyrics and a haunting song.
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    This song has a really great meaning to me. It's like a safe haven for me. No matter what's going on, if I turn on this song in my headphones, I automatically feel safe. It's a quite sad-sounding song. To me, it represents a lot. The thing about music is, you, as a person, can make your own interpretation from the lyrics. It's not always understandable to some, but many can find what they think is the meaning of a song in a heartbeat. This song to me seems like the person is in a dark spot in life and is expressing it through different words. Like I said, many people can interpret lyrics different ways. Some people could have this song saved in their "sad" playlist. Others may have in their "happy" playlist. I have a few songs that give me a safe feeling. Bon Iver's music is my safe haven. His music makes me feel like I'm safest I've ever been. There are no right nor wrong interpretations to music. You have your own opinions and feelings. Take this song however you would like. I look it as someone being at a low point and having enough of it like I said earlier. Thanks for reading!
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    i believe this song is about a relationship and this girl is scared to let the man into who she actually is "up with your turret, are you just terrified" and there are references to suicide she thinks she isn't savable and the guy thought it would be forever there relationship but she isnt going to be there much longer, it talks about water and rocks emphasizing she wants to jump off a cliff but then it says "will pull it taut, nothing let out" meaning she wants to hang herself but there will be no noise which shows she has big intentions of killing herself.
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    It's strange, I never really thought to look up the lyrics because I liked hearing the song and never really knowing (truly) what it said. It allowed me to interpret it differently day to day.

    Reading them now, I still see so many meanings. Such great lyricism, to be able to craft a different story in everyone's head. I feel like the song, in general, is about some form of intense greif; whether it be not being able to save someone you've fallen for from themselves, or greif over oneself and the failures encountered in life. But honestly, I'd mostly like to share how I thought the lyrics went beforehand because I think it's interesting to read into.

    Up with your current
    Aren't we just terrified?
    Sheltered you worries
    With what you won't ever find

    Don't let it fool you
    Don't let it pull you

    Dancing around
    Fall to the ground

    See all the wrath below
    Caught in the undertow
    Bones, blood, and teeth erode
    Every precious road

    Wings wouldn't help you
    Wings wouldn't help you

    Doubt is around
    Ready to smile

    You barley are blinking
    Wearing your face around

    Winter's just been coming round the road

    Won't won't won't won't
    won't let you talk me
    Won't let you talk me
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    wow. that-I cant place in how i feel right now, but my hearts screaming...I've listened to this song, and now, only realized, how truly deep the lyrics are. Now, when it comes up my playlist, i don't sing along, but listen. truly a heartbreaking song, I cant believe this-
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