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Bobby Goldsboro – Me And The Elephants lyrics

I remember one day we had nothin to do
So we went down to the city zoo
Just to kill an hour or two
Out in the good sunshine.

But we had so much fun we were glad that we came
We feed all the animals and gave each a name
We didn't even mind when it started to rain
We had a real good time.

But now that it's over and you're far away
I miss you more with each passing day
All my friends sympathize and say
You'll forget in time, yes you will, give yourself a little time.

But it's already been well over a year
And just in case you're interested you might like to hear
How everybody's doin down at the city zoo, without you.

Well the Monkey's forgot you
The Hippo forgot you and so did the Kangaroo
But me and the Elephants we still remember you
Me and the Elephants we'll never forget you.

So I wrote to Ann Landers and Dear Abbey too
And asked their advise as to what I should do
They said everything that reminds me of you
Would all have to go.

So I burned all your pictures except two or three
The one by my bed and one on my tv
And the one that I always carry with me, every where I go

And today was so nice and since I was in town
I thought I'd take the opportunity to go down
And see how everyone is down at the city zoo, and what's new

Well the Rino forgot you the Zebra forgot you
The Polar Bear and Tiger too.
But me and the Elephants we still remember you.
Me and the Elephants we'll never forget you.

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