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Bob Welch – The Ghost Of Flight 401 lyrics

Written by bob welch.

You've had about the flying dutchman
The ghost of all the ships at sea
But just in case you think it's lies
Then here's a ghost for our own time

You see there was a crash at night
And the pilots in command all died
And after many months has passed
The widows all had cried their last

And when the moon shines on the silver wing
When the moon shines on the silver wing
When the moon shines, look out here comes the ghost of flight 401...

The ghost of flight 401, appeared aboard the jet airplanes
In flesh & blood & clothes he came
On an eastern airline I can't name
But suddenly the ghost appeared
Of the pilots that had died that year
I'm not saying they were puffs of smoke
They were real as life, it ain't no joke

(repeat chorus)

Ooh those silver wings
Yeah those silver wings
Yeah there shinin' in that sun
The ghost of flight 401

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    Eastern Airlines flight 401 crashed into a swamp and the two pilots were still alive but only for a short amount of time. They died soon after.
    Later on there were sightings of the pilots on various Eastern Airline aircraft spotted by Crew, passengers and even the pilots. Pilot Bob Loft was often seen in first class or in the crews cabin.
    There was this one time when the flight attendant saw Loft sitting down and asked him what he was doing on the plane and that she didn't see him board and couldn't identify him on the flight manifest.
    He didn't reply so she reported to the pilot of the plane. He walked with her to Loft and recognized him, but then straight away Loft disappeared.
    There were so many reported sightings of the ghost pilots that resused parts from flight 401 were removed from the other Eastern Airlines flights and from then on, no more sightings were reported.
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