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Bob Ricci – My Girlfriend's Back lyrics

[Parody of "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels]
My girlfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
If you see her coming better head out on the double
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
She's the biggest girl in all the 6th grade
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
If I were you I'd go and find a teacher aid
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
Yeah, you thought that you were funny
Now she's taking your lunch money
She's stayed back for quite a few years
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
She smokes and drinks and she's got all her pubic hairs
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
That's her Harley sitting out in the schoolyard
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
You're gonna wish you never called me a retard
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
Cause you thought you were so funny
Now look who's got your lunch money
You've been spreading lies that I contracted cooties
And now my girl is gonna kick your little bootie
Wait and see
If you wanna see your Mom we'll need some compensation
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
So cough up your Pokemons and your Playstation
(Hey-la hey-la my girlfriend's back)
Yeah my girlfriend's back
Well alright now, my girlfriend's back
Well I can see her coming so you better start a running
All right now, yeah
Here comes my little addict with her semi-automatic
All right now, yeah

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