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Bo Diddley – Whoa Mule (Shine) lyrics

(Lock her mule up) (A mules got to roam around) (A mule start to roll around)


(Stomp my doors down) (He's gonna roll around)
(Stuck for whores, now he's got to roam around) (ar-roof)

A-way down south around my hound (ar-roof-ar-roof)
(Kicked my doors off) (Shut my door and run) (Cause I roll around)
Ya really oughta hear them a-coons howl (ar-roof-ar-roof )
('Cause I whore around) (Always a whore around)
('Cause I whore around) (Always a whore around)

My pappy had a mule his name was Shine, down (ar-roof-ar-roof)
(Suppose to whore around) (Chose a whore house) (Goin' to whore around)
A-used to let the cows out all the time (ar-roof-ar-roof)

(Whoa, mule!)

(So, off he goes, now) (He's goin' to whore around)
He'd run down the road and stop n' look back (ar-roof-ar-roof )
(Goes to whore house) (He's got to whore around)
(He knows the whores out) (Always a whore out)

With sweat runnin' all up and down his back
(Go 'round, open the door) (I see there the whore I liked best)
I could get close enough to hang around his neck (ar-roof-ar-roof)
(But she tore her dress) (When she pulled back)

Last night our wagon he wrecked

(Whoa, mule!)
(You ol' fool)

(Stopped the roamin' )
(Got my whore back) (ar-roof-ar-roof)
(Drove my whore back)

My pappy ran home and got his gun
(Got off my whore's back) (ar-roof-ar-roof )
(Got my rollin' done)

All you oughta see ol' Shine run (ar-roof-ar-roof)
(All the whores fast)
(All the whores fast)

I could get close enough, a-you'll see
(She's fast) (movin' fast not close enough)
(She closed the door and ran)

Old Shine would never hurt me

(I got a tip!)
(Don't go fool around)
(Whoa, mule!)

(Play a fool, wack off)
(Don't go whore around)

You're a fool
Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa!
(Stay away from whores, now)
Whoa, mule
(All the whores around

Hold his neck, there

Hold it you, Shine.

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